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The medical use of cannabis is a reality in the Netherlands, but also in Italy, Germany, Finland, or in some US states. In France, its prescription is exceptional.
Yet hundreds of studies have confirmed some medical cannabis properties:
– Properties pain, especially chronic pain resistant
-Anti-spasm properties, useful in case of multiple sclerosis or even partial epilepsy
– Anti-emetic properties and against nausea for patients undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from AIDS
-Appetite stimulation, if significant underweight or wasting in elderly long-stay, patients suffering from AIDS Alzheimerou disease
– But also improved sleep, dilation of the bronchi however insufficient to treat asthma
Cannabis, in its natural or chemically modified form, shows significant efficacy in certain pathological conditions.
In the summer of 2012, George Wilkins, a documentary filmmaker had the idea to make a film to show all the benefits mentioned above. This idea came to him when he saw a patient search for drugs based on cannabis in the health food shop of a friend.
Wilkins, who runs a film production company, wasted no time in spotting an opportunity to make a documentary and, two-and-a-half years on, Project Storm has just launched on YouTube.

If you want to learn more informations about the documentary you can click here or watch the video realised by George Wilkins.