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On this site, you can read a good article about ancient fossils. In fact, recently, some researchers of the University of California have found fragments of the fossil  »Dickinsonia », which lived in the Ediacaran period*. Some fossils studied had missing parts. The paleontologists have done research about the moving water, which can have moved a fossil. This remain of  »Dickinsonia » will enable* to better know how it was preserved during this long time. The scientists have been trying to better understand this animal, to learn how it reproduce or if it was a free-living organism… In South Australia, Droser and Evans, two scientists, spent time where some fossils of  »Dickinsonia » were found. They investigated about how this animal grew and possibly how it moved. Thanks to their research, you will hear of this fossil ! If you are curious or if you are interesting by paleontology, don’t hesitate to read this good article !

* Ediacaran period : From about 635 million years ago to about 542 million years ago

* Enable: make possible

→ Call two names of scientists, who did research about fossils.

→ What are aims of this scientists?