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On this site, you can read a good article about ancient fossils. In fact, recently, some researchers of the University of California have found fragments of the fossil ”Dickinsonia”, which lived in the Ediacaran period*. Some fossils studied had missing parts. The paleontologists have done research about the moving water, which can have moved a fossil. This remain of ”Dickinsonia” will enable* to better know how it was preserved during this long time. The scientists have been trying to better understand this animal, to learn how it reproduce or if it was a free-living organism… In South Australia, Droser and Evans, two scientists, spent time where some fossils of ”Dickinsonia” were found. They investigated about how this animal grew and possibly how it moved. Thanks to their research, you will hear of this fossil ! If you are curious or if you are interesting by paleontology, don’t hesitate to read this good article !

* Ediacaran period : From about 635 million years ago to about 542 million years ago

* Enable: make possible

→ Call two names of scientists, who did research about fossils.

→ What are aims of this scientists?