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In California, researchers found a solution for people who are disfigured because of different reasons. The solution consists in putting an artificial part of face whichsawreally natural (like for example: ears, nose or a whole face). To createthe facial prosthetics, they make a scan which will show the face of the person before theyhave problems and after they printit. The prosthetics is made of silicone and it’s made in such a way it’salmost the same color as thepatient’s skin. Furthermore, the patient can remove the prosthesis when he wants it isn’t permanent. In the same time, it is really important for people because the way other peoplelook at themchanges and it’struly could impact the person so with this solution, they could get back confidencein themselves. As well, the prosthetics change their life for every day.Tolearn more, here. (We didn’t find any picture that wecould publish on e-lyco).